Woman & Scarecrow

Marina Carr
Emma Jordan
Helena Bereen, Kathy Kiera Clark, Gina Moxley, Frank O'Sullivan
26th Feb 2009
4th April 2009
Old Museum Arts Centre, Belfast - Dunamaise Arts Centre, Portlaoise - The Mermaid Arts Centre, Bray - The Alley Arts Centre, Strabane

A woman, mother of eight and wife of an unfaithful husband lies on her death bed surveying her life and imagining what could have been.

‘Happiness! Everyone thinks they have a god-given right to it. Sure it’s only a recent invention of the Sunday papers.’

Full of black humour and brutal honesty Woman and Scarecrow is a passionate and moving lament for a life half lived. Don’t miss your chance to see this remarkable play by one of Ireland’s leading playwrights.

Gina Moxley nominated as Best Actress for the Irish Times Awards.


“A significant play about human frailty and the rituals of death, perhaps the most interesting new Irish play of the past few years” - The Sunday Tribune

"This is a play that seeps into your very bones, making you realise that in squandering love we squander the best part of ourselves" - The Guardian