Kaleidoscope - 28th March, 2013

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"I loved everything - the mystery surrounding the detail of what would happen before the event; the real sense of an individual but shared experience; the planning which meant that the stories through the headphones came to life through your headphones, came to life in front of you as you turned a corner to see a girl with a red balloon, then were presented with a fresh ice cream van from an ice cream van."

"It was one of the most interesting evenings I've ever had on the streets of Belfast. It was emotional, and provoked reactions in me that I didn't expect. It made me look at the city and the inhabitants in a different light - and it really caught the conflict of loving/hating a place in equal measure."

"Immersive, blurs lines between reality and staged performance, rich stories, interesting sound design, liberating, inspiring."

"I liked the notion of performance in a public space. It was also good to get a new view of a city centre space with which I am very familiar, by stopping and learning and looking at things."

"A multi-sensory way to relook at Belfast. A unique communal yet solitary event."

"I think it was unique & quite genius."

"The mix of visual and audio, the surprises like Chinese lanterns and ice cream. Not being quite sure who was in it and who wasn't."

"Enjoyed the 'imersive' aspect of feeling like Belfast had become a film set or a theatre stage. Enjoyed the knowing looks between participants. Enjoyed being able to project my own thoughts onto what I saw."


“This is our city. It’s where we want to laugh. And cry. And dance. And sing. And love.”

Prime Cut Productions in collaboration with Dee Street Community Centre, Grace Women’s Development, John Paul II Youth Club, Knocknagoney Community Centre, New Lodge Arts, North Belfast Interface Network and The Spectrum Centre presents


A magical, multi-sensory experience that will redefine what Belfast means to you forever

Staged on the streets of Belfast, Kaleidoscope will allow you to encounter the city like never before. Choose where you go and what you look at as multiple stories weave around you, plunging you into the hopes, fears and daily lives of people from across the city.

Directed by multi award-winning theatre maker Louise Lowe and artist Will St Leger.

Thursday 28 March. 7pm. Belfast City Centre.

Tickets £5. Very limited capacity.

For info and tickets www.primecutproductions.co.uk or call 028 9024 6609

Louise Lowe and Will St Leger
Dee Street Community Centre, Grace Womens Development, John Paul II Youth Club,
Belfast City Centre
28th March, 2013
Belfast City Council, Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Community Foundation of Northern Ireland, Community Relations Council, Hope for Youth