Emma Walls

"In 2010 I applied for an internship with Prime Cut Productions. It was a three month internship as a Technical Stage Manager. The internship came at a perfect time as it was straight after I graduated with a degree in Drama. During my degree I concentrated on lighting design and so the internship was perfect for me.
During my time with Prime Cut Productions I worked on a production called 'Vincent River' and shadowed a professional Technical Stage Manager. I had the opportunity to increase my skills and knowledge in lighting design. I also had the new experience of working with sound equipment and building a set. The internship deepened my knowledge in the overall theatrical process of a production. For example, how long it takes to produce a show, the different roles of everyone involved, and also the hard work and dedication that is required with going on tour with a show.
Since completing my internship I have designed lights and acted for several shows. I have also facilitated drama workshops and have used the technical skills I learnt during my internship. For example, I have been able to set up lighting and sound equipment to enhance the workshops.
I also had the opportunity to meet other professionals in the industry. Since my internship I have stayed in contact with Prime Cut Productions and they have approached me to help with some of their other productions.
Prime Cut Productions is a company which has produced challenging work and are interested in developing skills in people who want to work in professional theatre. I would recommend their internship to anyone as it has definitely helped me in the work that I do now."

Marty Byrne

I found the Intern programme with Primecut Productions a brilliant experience. I felt privileged to be able to work alongside some truly amazing artists and professionals when I was Sound Design Intern for I Am My Own Wife
I got to be involved in a professional production, with an experienced team who taught me everything I could ever want to know about professional theatre. Everything from the most casual of note taking sessions, right up to the most complex technical issues of designing sets, sourcing huge, expensive props, setting up multi-speaker arrangements, programming QLAB, organising "get ins" and "Tech Week" etc. I learnt the details and inners workings of the many aspects of how a show is put together, the tight time scales between the stage management, the set design, the rehearsals and sound design, the creative discussions and conversations between these departments and also the technical aspects of how these different departments come together in an efficient, effective way. I learnt how important it is to be a team player and how important clear communication is. I also learnt that it's an incredibly rewarding and exciting experience and I have since been involved in many more theatre productions and my love for it continues to grow! 
I've just finished composing the music and sound design for Accidental Theatre's most recent play: The Kitchen, The Bedroom & The Grave.
As well as applying the many skills I gained from my time at Primecut Productions directly to this project, I've also had the exciting experience of composing and recording music for violin and cello with Paul McGuinness and Tom Hughes. I'm quite proud and keen to talk about this aspect of the project, because it was a real pleasure and a true first for me as a musician, I also feel the music plays a massive part in the emotional energy of the play and I've received great feedback for it so far!